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How to Add Constraints Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

So I searched Google for, how to center align a button vertically and horizontallyan iPhone app. And after a bit of browsing, I landed on this blog which adessed the issue. By the way, a link to this blog is also availablethe instructor notes. There I learned that on my storyboard, there is this super tiny button here at the bottom called Document Outline. Let me just quickly go ahead and center my storyboard one more time. Now, I know that there is a lot of new information here on the Document Outline,

but for now I only want to you to focus on the things that we've added already. Things like the Record Button and the view that it is enclosed within. Now, to center this button horizontally, what I will do is select the button and then I will hold the Control Key down on my keyboard and start agging from the buttonthis direction, and let go. And here I will select the option that says, Center HorizontallyContainer. Done. To center vertically, I will hold the Control Key down on

my keyboard one more time and start agging from my buttonthis direction, and then select, Center VerticallyContainer. There. Now, what we are doing here is adding something called constraints. This is XCodes way of putting things at a precise loion on your phone. You can see herethe document outline that we have added two constraints. A center x alignment, and a y alignment. Okay.

So I'm going to go ahead and run my app and see if it worked. It says, Stop Pitch Perfecté Oh, the simulator is already running, so I'll say Stop, and then it will restart it. Aha, there is the Record Button. This timethe center of the phone. Now if for some reason I want to delete these constraints, all I have to do is select them, and hit Delete on my keyboard.

There, gone. Let me stop the app and run it one more time. And we can see that the Record Button is not aligned anymore. So I'm going to go back and add the constraints, but this time, I will use this tiny button here at the bottom which says Align. I will select the button, and then click on Align, and say Horizontal Centering Container and Vertical Centering Container. And then I will add the two constraints.

There. Let me stop the simulator and run the app again, and boom, our button isthe center.

How to Add Constraints Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

So here is a giant model of our phone, and our button is placed somewhere over here. What we really want to do is center line this button both vertically and horizontally. Now, the way to figure out how to do this is by reading documentation. So here is your opportunity to practice. How would you go about making sure this button is centered vertically and horizontallyé

See if you can figure it out.

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