Add Your Parents Height


I can Predict your birthday!! Follow Instructions Carefully 1) Just follow the steps with a calculator 2) Please try without cheating!! Get Ready with a paper and pen.or a calculator step1) add 18 to your birth month.example 18+6, if birth month is June I would add 6 .i.e. 18+6=24

as June is the 6th month Step 2) Multiply the result with 25 Step 3) subtract 333 from the result step 4 ) Multiply the result with 8 step 5 ) subtract 554 from the result Step 6 ) Divide the result by 2 Step 7 ) now add your birth day to the result. e.g. if my birth day is on 24th , I would add 24 to result

Step 8 ) Multiply the result with 5 Step 9 ) Add 692 to the Result Step 10 ) Multiply the result with 20 Step 11 ) Add last two digits of your birth year to result e.g. If my birth year 1998, then I would add only 98 Step 12 ) subtract 32940 from the result to get your birthday The result is your birthday. The format is : month day year

e.g. result of 092599 means that you were born on September 25 and 99 is the last two digits of your birth year Retry the steps slowly if you got your birthday wrong!! THANK YOU.

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