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Curry Tree Pruning Harvest of Curry Leaf Plant or Tree

Hello friendstoday's tutorial we'regonna see How to prune the Curry leaf plant To get a nice, bushy plant Now if you do not prune your Curry leaf plantits gonna grow tall and not that Bushy And that can decrease the harvest that youcan get From you curry leaf plant Because the new leaves only produced atthe tips

So if you look at all these notchesthat I'm showing you This is the place wherethe plant has been trimmed And these are the new branchesthat are coming out So not only will that resulta nice harvestas you will see It'll also let you grew a nice bushy curryleaf plant Andthis tutorial we will also look at The right way to harvest your curry leaves So a lot of folks I know

Are very hesitant to prune their curry leafplants Especially when their small So I'm gonna show you how I pruned this6 inch curry leaf plant and its progress So as you can see here I cut off the tip thegrowing tip And as soon as I did that you can seethe new offshoots coming Andjust a few days They were all separate branches And its again nice and bushy

So this is the same plant plantedtheground And look all nice and bushy it looks So if you put on your prune your plant When its young This is how you're gonna get your solid basefor the plant Look how nicely this curry leaf plant hasforked into these two big branches So harvesting the leaves from the curry leafplant is actually a way to prune the plant itself

So you cut off about8 inches or so from the growing tip And that's your harvest And what forces the plant to dois send out offshoots Where you make the cut I know a lot of people who harvest the leavesin the wrong way By just pulling off the leaves or justplucking them from the stems That's not the right way to harvestcurry leaves

So that's our curry leaves harvest Look how nice the leaves are And you're going to get the mostflavorful leaves this way And if you've harvested all your growingtips this way Just harvest the leaf at the iole part And not the leaflets alone Do not leave skeletonsyour Curry leafplant Soabout a week or so as you cansee it this is the same place where we made

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