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3 Exercises to Increase Kicking Power

hey what's going on guys Shane heretoday we're going to go over three exercises to increase your kicking power. So as most you knowI met up with KwonKicker recently. He came up and we filmed a match where we pretty much just beat each other up, we worked out together and then we fromthe bunch of tutorial tutorials for you guys make sure you stay tunethe end thistutorial we're going to be giving you free sneak peek at one of the sweeps that we didthe film. One of the kicks that i took Kwonkicker

out with we're gonna teach you how to do that atthe end but first let's go over those three exercises get that kicking power up! the alright let's get it on the firstexercise it's a plyometric movement: a jump squat.when you're doing jump squats before you add any weight to it,

when you make sure forms correct makingsure that your back is straight making sure that you sit your butt allthe way down when you come down past the 90 degree bend when people say to keep your backstraight when you're doing a squat, they don't mean straight like thisperpendicular to the ceiling you can lean over but you just don'twant to bent you know when a hunchback like this okay so what mean kwon aredoingthis tutorial here Kwonkickers got a 25pound weight vest on as he's doinghis jump squats

and I'm holding a straight bar which isin 10lbs. plates on your side so I got 65 pounds He's moving a little bit quicker thanme I gotta be more controlled a little more careful obviously when you have a lot of weightcoming down on you like that you have to make sure your forms correct and yourlanding soft. Don't slam down on your heels I it's going tobe too much pressure on your joints on your knees okay modifiion for thisif you don't have a straight bar

you don't have a weighted vest get aschool bag filled up with some heavy textbooks and make sure it's strapped on tight youdon't want it loose okay gonna go into our next exercise now which are Playometric leg extensions okay verysimilar to a roundhouse kickingseeing even when I'm doing this this motion here this exercise it lookslike I'm extending my leg for a roundhouse kick and thatultimately is what we're doing. We want to work those

fasttwitch muscle fibers wanna work that same exact muscles thatwe usea kick and this is how we're going to getstronger kicks so we're gonna do I have seventy pounds right here I have one leg working so justviolently extending my leg, keeping my core tight, and I want that bar that I'm that I'mlaunching the weight up to literally come off my shin and then I'llch it and come back down

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Hi this is laxmi welcome to fitness show to day show the workout how to grow height increasing height increasing mostly depending on our family main important is sports.

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