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Growth Hormone How to Grow Taller

Hello my name is Shahab Mahboubian, Iam an orthopedic surgeon and I specializelimb lengthening and deformity correctionsurgery. Many of my patients have asked me about HGH or growth hormone as the answerto growing taller. There are two main problems with growth hormone. Number one, for it towork properly and to help you grow, it would need to be taken prior to puberty. The secondproblem, it can be extremely harmful to your body if not taken properly under the guidanceof a endocrinologist. As limb lengthening I tell my patients that have hitpuberty and are serious about growing taller that there is an alternative and that is toundertake a limb lengthening or hight lengthening

procedure.This is not a procedure that isfor everybody. There are potential compliions involved with the surgery and you would needto cometo see if you qualify for the surgery. Many of my patients who have had the lengtheningprocedure have had great results and have been able to return to their presurgicalactivities, as well as sports. If this is something that really interests you, pleasefeel free to visit my website for more information.

How To Grow Taller The Facts

Hello, my name is Shahab Mahboubian. I'man orthopedic surgeon and I specializelimb lengthening and deformity correction.As a limb lengthening I have a lot of people that ask me about how to growtaller. What I try to explain to them is that their height is really dependent on theirgenetics, which is really related to the height of their parents. In addition I also tellthem to exercise on a regular basis and keep a wellbalanced healthy diet. This can helpthem grow to their potential height, perhaps even taller. This is very effective priorto puberty and skeletal maturity. Skeletal maturity is basically about a year or twoyears after puberty, where your bones have

fused. At that point, any exercise or supplementsis not really going to increase your height. People have also asked me about growth hormoneor HGH. This is something that you would need to talk to your medical about and perhapssee an endocrinologist. However HGH or growth hormone are really mostly effective priorto puberty as well. So what is the alternativeé There is a height lengthening procedure thatyou can do to gain additional inches to your height. This is not a procedure that is notfor everybody and you would need to qualify for the surgery. If you are simply just notcontent with your height and this is something that you are interested in, please visit mywebsite for more information.

The Ultimate Hip Stretch and Mobility ill PSOAS SOLUTION

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. There's a reason why some of the biggest musclesin the body are some of the most important. Today we're going to talk about the role ofthe psoas, and not only why it's so important, but what you can do to make sure that yoursis adequately flexible, and at the same time working on that hip as well. All of this is going to be extremely importantfor how you functionthe gym or out on the field if you're an athlete. Your hips need to be mobile. I say it allthe time. If you want to look like an athlete,

you've got to train like an athlete. Today I want to show you exactly how to mobilizethat hip and work on that psoas so that your lower body is functioning the way we needit to. We'll start by taking a look on the skeletonexactly what the role of this muscle is and why you need to start focusing on it. Alright, so let's take a quick upclose lookat the psoas muscle so you understand why it's so important that we focus on it becauseit is big. It covers a lot of ground. And it has a couple of very major functions.You can see that it runs from here all the

way down to the top of our femur. And what it does is it primarily will makeour hip flex, ok. We'll lift our leg up into hip flexion. But that's not all. It attaches to all of these lumbar vertebraehere and into our thoracic spine so that you see, as I spin this around, it comes rightup here. And it literally, like I said, attaches tothe vertebrae. Well, by attaching to the vertebrae, if we were to leave our leg fixed and contractfrom the top down, you know, pull from here, we're going to geta lateral bending of the spineone direction.

So you can see if there's an asymmetricaltightness between right side and left side of our psoas here, it's going to cause a compressionon one side of the spine versus the other. If they're equally tight and they're pullingdown and you're actually getting a compression on the spine and the discs themselves whichcan cause problems and that's why people get back pain when theydo their ab work, if they have tight hip flexors. So, there's a way that we can actually stretchthis big muscle out and improve the mobility of the hips at thesame time, and that's what I'm going to show you right now.

Alright, so if we're going to stretch outthis muscle, then we have to go back to the functions I just showed you on the skeleton. You know you need to get your hip into extensionbecause this is a powerful hip flexor, and we also want to get some lateral trunk bendingbecause as I showed you, if we allow one side of our psoas to work,it's going to pull ourselves down on the right hand side, pull us down into lateral flexionof the spine. So, if we can get lateral bending of the spinein addition to hip extension, then we've got a good stretch for the psoas.

A lot of people forget that secondary componentbecause they think of it just from the bottom up as opposed to the function of it TopDown. So, we can go to the Smith machine, and Ilove the Smith machine for this very purpose because it allows us to quickly move this,essentially our bar will be our dowel about where we want this to be to help usdo Hurdle Unders or Hurdle Overs or a lot of other variations of hurdles which are greatfor hip mobility. So, we'll take a hip mobility ill here,but we'll add a component of static stretch to make sure that we can get both the flexibilityand the mobility of the hip adessed at one

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