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Growth Hormone How to Grow Taller

Hello my name is Shahab Mahboubian, Iam an orthopedic surgeon and I specializelimb lengthening and deformity correctionsurgery. Many of my patients have asked me about HGH or growth hormone as the answerto growing taller. There are two main problems with growth hormone. Number one, for it towork properly and to help you grow, it would need to be taken prior to puberty. The secondproblem, it can be extremely harmful to your body if not taken properly under the guidanceof a endocrinologist. As limb lengthening I tell my patients that have hitpuberty and are serious about growing taller that there is an alternative and that is toundertake a limb lengthening or hight lengthening

procedure.This is not a procedure that isfor everybody. There are potential compliions involved with the surgery and you would needto cometo see if you qualify for the surgery. Many of my patients who have had the lengtheningprocedure have had great results and have been able to return to their presurgicalactivities, as well as sports. If this is something that really interests you, pleasefeel free to visit my website for more information.

How to Trim Aquarium Plants Trimming Baby Tears

What's up, fish tank peopleé FishTankTV ,Dustin's Fish Tanks, bringing it to you on a Wednesday nightthe greenhouse. We'vegot one of the fish tanks lit up to show you a little something with baby tears. Folks,I've got baby tears coming out of my ears. Just out of it, like everywhere. And I loveit and I am excited by it. Baby tears are bumping, bumping something, somethingthis40. I am really happy and excited to show you something here. Baby tears is a great plant. It is not a beginnerplant, but I kind of want to show how to aquascape a little bit with it, how to work with itand how to just plant it. If your baby tears

get out of control like this, it is becauseit ishigh light. This is the best light I have ever used. It ishigh light andin dirted substrate down here, so it is basically growing at maximum capacity. I am going tobrag on it a little bit too because it is also growing with a great balance. I havevery little algaethis tank and you can see it is balanced too. So I am balancingit with the duck weedtop, you can see that I have it about half full. It is growinglike crazy, so I am excited about that. I am going to show you a really simple waywith baby tears you just got to hack it folks. There is kind of a table herethe way,but I am just going to gethere with a

hard cut. Don't be afraid to just give babytears a whack and pack it on down. So that is what I am doing here. What I like to dois try to ch it all before it goes too crazy all over my tank. It is just floatinghere and that is fine. And with this, I will probably not be using these tiny pieces becauseI have just too much of it and these are just too small to work with. If you are going tobe replanting it and expanding your baby tears stash if you will, I recommend goingandgoing on down for the kill. Break it off real low and either goor break it off by theroots. I am just going to pull it out by the roots. I will show y'all what I am doing here.One of the best parts about having a greenhouse

filled with fish tanks is that you can screwaround and do some trial stuff. I actually still have that ten gallon. So I am going to pick up the camera here andshow you guys all of the baby tears that I have strung out here. I've got the ten gallonover here, but I wanted to show you with the baby tears a strategy to plant it if you'vegot a real long piece. You can see that this piece is real nice and long and has a goooot. It has a growth, here, here, here and here. So what you can do is just plant italong this. I am going to try to do this and hold the camera. I am going to just take thisand plant it with my fingers. I hardly ever

use any aquascaping tools, although you canget as meticulous with it as you want. Really, you just take it and bury itthere likeso and leave the little nubs out. And then that will grow you one, two, three, four plantsgrowing off of there and they will put down roots. So if you have pieces like this thatare just this long and you are doing it from your own cuttings, I would just take thispiece and use my index finger to shove it downthere. And obviously I could do thisall day and just shove a bunch of baby tearshere, but I am just going to do a littlebit for you all to show you how. I should probably fill this tank in, but I want tosee what these baby tears will do without

dirt. The other tank has dirt and this onedoesn't. So there is no dirt going on here and I want to see if I can get away with babytears with no dirt. I think the answer is no and I am pretty confident on it, but Iwant to see how it performshere compared to that stuff. By the way, how sick is thatpiece of iftwoodé That is another Brian Campbell special. So I wanted to show youthe same with this piece here. I want to know how you guys work with babytears because I don't mess with the dwarf baby tears because it is typically grown abovewater and then they sell it to me or you and it doesn't do well. They definitely need highlight and lots of CO2. So I would like your

Grow 53 Plants4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden

This is John Kohler with growing your greens .Today we have another exciting episode for you. I just got a new toythe mail it'sthe right hear check it out. This is actually called the garden tower project and it's knownas a garden tower. And what it is basically, it looks like a 55 gallon um with a heavymodifiion to grow food in. But why I like this so much is because it has 45 plantingspots all up and down through this whole barrel. In addition you can plant some plants up thetop so you can plant over 50 plantsjust 4 ft.² off space. So literally, that's alot of planets for it just a small area. So this is especially good if you have a patio,deck, little apartment or a condo and you

don't have a lot of space. Maybe if you justhave a little bit of space on your patio outside. You could grow a lot of foodthe sky. Ihave seen other tower gardens, which I don't particularly care for but this guy let's yougrow a lot more and he lets you roll itsoil. Plus, this is very intelligently designed.It's part of the best vertical tower garden system I've ever seen. Let me go ahead andexplain why. Besides the 45 planting holes, what's unique about this system is, it's gotthis Center tube hearmiddle and what they dothe center tube is your going to putfood scraps and red wiggler worms or composting worms. The worm is going to eat the food scraps,break it down, spread the worm compos or Vermeer

compost all throughout the unit to help fertilizethe plantsthere. Plus on the bottom of this unit is a place that you can actuallytake out the food scraps out of the bottom. So that's really cool. This vertical towergarden makes its own fertilizer. You can't say that for other ones. Another thing isthat this is water conserving. So water is a very precious resource especially dependingon where you livethis day and age. And this one conserves water. How does it do thatéWell Very simply. You pour the water on or water up to the top while the plant will getwater the water will ain down all the different plant plantedall of these pocket thingsare going to get water then the water goes

to the bottom, once it get to the bottom it'sbasically funnel out certain whole and you're going to put little buckets underneath andall the water that goes through, now your going to have ita bucket. You can reusethis water to water it again so that there is minimal water loss. Many just standardgarden pots or whatever. You know you will just water and it just run out on the deckor down below. The excess water on your deck can actually ruin your deck. If you live ona threestory apartment building and you have to water your plants. When you over waterthem the stuff will ip down to your neighbor which isn't cool either. This you could collectthe water and reuse it. So this is a well

thought out design so I'm happy to be settingone up and sharing this up with you guys and showing you how it works and how I'm goingto set it up. So this just came to me as you guys can see there is a US Post Office labelon there. I mean it literally came shaped like this through the mail without even anyraping. It was not damaged our anything. It looks totally perfectly fine. Sothis tutorialwhat we're going to do is to set this guy up and show you guys how easy it is to setup. I'm going to make a specific potting soil mixture. I'm going show you guys that as well.Plus you'll see me plant out my plants. And by the end of his tutorial you'll see how easyit is to set one of these garden Tower projects

up if you want to grow avertable At home.So I guess with that, let's get into unboxing and assembling. So let's see what we got inthe box here. Sounds like some hard work so construction is super simple super easy. Ithink pretty much what were going to need to do is to bolt down a few legs and put acouple of boltsthere. In the box you get some instructions. It's definitely importantto follow the instructions. I might read them or look at them but I'm just going to justdo my own thing. Looks pretty basic. Next we got some stainless steel hardware. If youuse standard hardware on something like this outdoors it's going to rust, not cool. I likethe providing of heavyduty stainless hardware.

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