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After I have them fill out the paper work,I then ask, the paper work being their name, adess and telephone number, the date ofthe occasion. Then I generally ask them what is their heighté About five eight. And whatdo you weighé One eighty. Alright, so what this does, what this measurement would tellme is that he does not need an extra tall or an extra long because you would usuallybe six feet for that. That is number one. Number two it would mean I don't want to give,generally give you a shirt that would be fourteen inchesthe neck. Because very few peoplethat would weigh that much would have a fourteen inch neck. And that, that weight and the heightis a check for the different measurements

I have taken or I shall take.

Whats the Ideal Korean Woman

So from our TL;DR last week when we talked about the ideal man A lot of people have been asking what the ideal woman is like for Korea Oh, I thought you were going to say quot;What's the ideal hamsterquot; I would prefer dwarf hamster because dwarf hamsters can live togetherunion But it you have a normal hamster Like a teddy bear hamster And you put another hamsterthere and they fight each other to the death Martina knows this because she actually owned hamsters growing up

I think they're wonderful Bear and Moca, R.I.P. bought a little liquor for your homies So, to answer your question about what the ideal woman is likeKorea It's a very complied process If you remember last week, there was a whole list or requirements when it comes to ideal womanKorea You have to be pretty.

So that's it for this week's TL;DR, if you have a question for next TL;DR Leave your questionthe comment section below. I'm actually joking There is a little bit more that we're going to say about this Are we jokingé Are we, thoughé Are weé That's pretty much the main requirement that you need as a woman.

If you're pretty, then pretty much all the other requirements on the list aren't that important So obviously, there are peopleKorea that get married because they love each other genuinely And they aren't looking at a lost of requirements or anything. And a lot of menKorea are looking for more than just prettiness when it comes to a girl But when it comes to the general standard Pretty much prettiness is the most important thing. I mean, it's difficult to not say that for the rest of the world too. I know, it's not like this is a Korea thing only!

Yeah and I know you guys aren't going to say something like. I'm looking for someone who is kind, caring and super ugly. I want someone whose teeth look like they chew bricks. That's something that's really important to me. BUT what we're getting at is that there is an undeniable logic That comes to datingKorea outside of that whole realm of quot;I'd like to falllove with someonequot;

And this brings us back to the concept of Sogaeting~ Sogaeting, man. What is that all abouté Whoa, your Jamaican accent makes me cringe on the inside I only had a couple of Jamaican friends. I grew up with them. You grew up with My Jamaican friendsé

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