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Growth Hormone How to Grow Taller

Hello my name is Shahab Mahboubian, Iam an orthopedic surgeon and I specializelimb lengthening and deformity correctionsurgery. Many of my patients have asked me about HGH or growth hormone as the answerto growing taller. There are two main problems with growth hormone. Number one, for it towork properly and to help you grow, it would need to be taken prior to puberty. The secondproblem, it can be extremely harmful to your body if not taken properly under the guidanceof a endocrinologist. As limb lengthening I tell my patients that have hitpuberty and are serious about growing taller that there is an alternative and that is toundertake a limb lengthening or hight lengthening

procedure.This is not a procedure that isfor everybody. There are potential compliions involved with the surgery and you would needto cometo see if you qualify for the surgery. Many of my patients who have had the lengtheningprocedure have had great results and have been able to return to their presurgicalactivities, as well as sports. If this is something that really interests you, pleasefeel free to visit my website for more information.

Guichet Limb Lengthening 1st Day of Surgery

Guichet: You need to always bend beyond90 degrees, completely. Patient: Sure yeah. Guichet: Then you extend the knee, relax on the side and now with your hand you turn your knee inwards. Here. sound small click: Guichet:This is a small click. You turn around. And if you don't hear the loud click, you pick up your calf and you bring up your heel here. Do it. Louder

Guichet: Do the reverse click Louder Guichet:How much is the pain é Patient: There's no pain Guichet: No pain é No pain at all. Wonderfull. Guichet: So you have done 3 clicks.Patient: Perfect. And after surgery you're already 1 CM taller.Patient: Really é! Oh yeah. Guichet: Excellent ! So now we'll walk. Patient: Sure. Guichet: Okay, perfect.

Guichet: Stand up completely. Guichet: op your legs now. Guichet: Knees straight Guichet: Ok then, how do you feelé Patient: Hum. Dizzy but okay. Guichet:You need to advance both legs at a time. You lift your legs. Okay. You lift your legs.

And you advance one step. Guichet: Okay. Guichet: Now what you do. You lift your legs and you turn your body. Patient: Ya. Guichet: Okay good. Guichet: Okay advance. Fine.

Guichet: So we are. about 35 min after awakening. Patient: Really é! Guichet: A bit less than 40 min. Yes a bit less. Guichet: Are you okay é Patient: Yep. Patient:I feel a little dizzy. as if I just came out of surgery but I feel physically fine.

Guichet: Okay. Go ahead. Guichet:Did you expect to go so fast back to normal activityé Patient: No. No I wasn't expecting this. Guichet: Ah okay. Good. Patient: But it's good. Guichet: No pain right nowé Patient: No.

Limb Lengthening How to Grow Taller

Hello, my name is Shahab Mahboubian. Iam an orthopedic surgeon and I specializelimb lengthening and deformity correctionsurgery. As a limb lengthening I have a lot of people that ask me about howto grow taller. Unfortunately there is no simple way to grow taller naturally. Onceyou hit puberty, even with proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements, would not helpyour hight or for you to grow taller. However, if a person is simply not content with theirhight, there is a leg lengthening or hight lengthening procedure that can be preformed.A leg lengthening procedure utilizes the newest techniques available to allow your leg, thigh,or a combination of both to be lengthened.

As a result you grow taller by several inches.The method consist of a minimally invasive procedure where a surgical cut is made inthe bone. Using an internal or external device the bone is then gradually lengthened whichthen adds several inches to your overall hight. This is not a procedure that is for everybody.There are possible compliions associated with the surgery and you would need to comein to see if you qualify for the surgery. Now if this is something that interest you,you can visit my website for more information.

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