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How Much Muscle Can You Gain Naturally And How Fast

What's going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here, SeanNal BodyTransformationTruth and the question today is how much muscle can you gain naturally andwhat timeframeé Now, this is actually a very difficult questionto answer, simply because the numbers can vary so much from person to person dependingon a lot of different factors. So keepmind that any answer that you getfrom anybody on this topic is always just going to be a rough approximation. That said, having an overall ballpark figurein mind will at least give you some accurate

expectations, so that number one: you don'tget scammed out of your money by bullshit supplements or miracle programs or other productsthat give you totally unrealistic ideas of how much muscle you can gain over a specifictimeframe. Number two: so that you can set practicalachievable goals and stay on track with your plan, rather than just program hopping fromone plan to the next like so many people do because you were convinced that your programisn't working that you should be making faster gains. So how much muscle can you gain naturallyé

Again, ballpark figure, but assuming you'reon a properly structured program and you're following it consistently, guys ranging fromslightly below average genetics to slightly above average genetics are probably goingto be capable of building somewhere between, and I noticed this is a pretty wide range,but probably somewhere between about twenty to forty pounds of actual lean muscle massnaturally. Now your body weight can obviously go up bymore than that because you'll always gains some body fat while you're bulking and you'llbe holding on to additional water weightsthe process, so it does depend on whatkind of look you're going for.

Butterms of actual lean muscle mass that'sa pretty safe range I would say. So if you have average genetics, then you'llprobably land somewherethe middle at about thirty pounds of muscle. Slightly below average, maybe around twentypounds. Slightly above average maybe around fortypounds. And females can take those numbers and reducethem by about half. Again, I know it's kind of a wide range,but like I said, there's really no way of say exactly how much muscle any specific personis going to be capable of building.

And around thirty pounds, give or take, willprobably cover the majority of the lifting population. And thenaddition to that you're alsogoing to have small percentage of genetic outliers, who're going to fall on the moreextreme ends of the spectrum. Meaning that you'll have guys with a particularlypoor muscle building genetics who might only able to gain, say ten pounds of muscle orless, regardless of what they do. Unfortunately that is the case for some people. But again, it's only a very small percentage.

And then on the far other side you're goingto have another very small percentage with exceptionally good muscle building genetics,who might be able to gain upward to, say fifty pounds of muscle. Again, this is just an edued guess butit at least gives you some sort of realistic idea to work with. I've seen a lot of other figures thrownaround online andmy opinion a lot of them really overestimate what's realistic orat the very least they overestimate what's realistic while staying at a decently leanbody fat percentage.

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