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TOP 10 Foods that Help You Grow Taller

In this tutorial we are going to show you the TOP 10 Foods that help you Grow Taller Peas, it is advisable that you add peas to your daily diet to enjoy all the nutritional benefits and also helpboosting your height Brussels Sprouts stimulate growth hormonesyour body which will also helpincreasing your body height Broccoli has the ability to stimulate the idle growth hormonesyour body and thereby helpincreasing the height Oatmeal is another amazing source of protein and does magic to your height when consumed daily Spinach will helpimproving the growth of your body vertically by working on the idle growth hormones inside your body Peanuts help you grow taller because the nutrients inside them help stimulate the growth hormonesyour body Rhubarb is widely useddesserts for its beautiful flavor and color and it is proven to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone

Eggs, will improve your growth overall! Eat three eggs daily Greek Yogurt is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Did you know that poor level of vitamin Dyour body can affect your heighté Turnips boost your growth hormones and thereby aidingheight gain. It is one of the most effective foods to grow taller!.

How tall should I build my Raised Bed Garden How high should the soil be

Alright this is John Kohler with growingyourgreens today we are going to answer a big question that I get often times and how itcame up was my friend who I'm helping design you know, raised beds at their house. He's like quot;John,you know, how tall should I make my raised bedséquot; and you know I said, well my raised beds range inheights. And I said well, he's like well and I said how's about like twelve inches, I think that's a prettygood height. He's like well man, I want to

do 24 man you know, more is better, there's going to be more soilin there and more spaces for the roots to go and you know and I'm like, you know what Rické Most stuff,actually you know the roots don't really go down that far especially like most veggies. Or you know,common fruits and vegetables. Vegetables meaning, I mean fruits meaning like tomatoes and cucumbersbecause botanically they are a fruit because

they have seeds inside. So, I'm not talking about fruittrees or shrubs. 'Cause those you know will probably need something you know, a lot deeper but for standardplantsyour standard vegetable garden, you know I think twelve inches is probably pretty good. If you want to be sure, maybe go sixteen butyou know what, then what happens is you start to waste

extra moneymaterials and extra costs andyou know including buying extra compost and organic soil and things to fill your beds because thatgets really really expensive really quick. When you are trying to fill a lot larger space. I mean just goingfrom six inches high to twelve inches high, you know that is going to double your costsbuying the organiccompost to fill your raised beds. So, I'm here at my

front yard garden here and we are going tocheck out my raised beds. Got a handy dandy tape measure here so my raised beds are approximately afoot or you know twelve inches. So you can see, and actually even on the inside, the soil has sunk downeven not up to the top so we need to refill that and check out these tree kales, I mean we could probablymeasure these tree kales and they go up and up and up

and up. So my raised bed that's twelve inchesdeep is supporting tree kale that at its peak is you know, approximately seven feet. Actually there issome over there that are eight feet tall. So, you know what if my twelve inch raised beds, twelve inchtall raised bed can handle an eight foot tall tree kale or tree collard, you know, it's probably got to begood for everything else. The only caveat I think is that if you

Cucumbers growingplanter box Growing cucumberssmall spaces like on patio

Alright! John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens and I'm going to show you today what we didthis small little space.So, this space here originally just had this back board going along as basically a dividerbetween my property and my neighbor's property and we had the idea basically to put a smallplanter boxthere and so we basically came out and did and addition and added a smallplanter box, it's about… I don't know, 8 inches wide there and about almost two feethigh approximately and then what we did was we got some welded wire fencing and we madea frame out of the same cedar fence boards that we're using… yeah fence boards andwe framed itwith the trellis and we planted

cucumbers.So, what does this look likeé Say you have a patio or a small space and you get goodsun, this actually is a really good area for sun and you can plant some cucumbersasmall tight space and we tried to make a space and gave the cucumbers six inches and that'spretty rough there and once again we're going to train them up the trellis once theyget larger. We also did put a ip irrigation system inhere so they're going to be automatically watered, that's tied into the sprinkler,existing sprinkler timer that wasmy yard so I converted that over. Real easy, so inthis small raised bed that's a little bit

over 4 feet, 2 feet high and maybe 8 incheswide we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ,eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve…about fourteen cucumber plants and we have different varieties growing. I think there'spicklingthere, marketmores and lemons possibly.So, yeah, even if you have a small patio space or a smaller space you can even grow cucumbersin wine barrels and I have some of those growingthe iveway,a wine barrel, which isanother place that gets really full sun. So you can growsmall spaces and you needto get some plantsthe ground now, it's the beginning of June and you're quicklyrunning out of time to get some plants in

the ground to have a good full season.So, let me show you how the cucumbers are going to work. Once, they get larger, they'restill small, but once they get larger you need to really be pruning and we'll go overhere to where we're doing this successfully. You really need to be pruning and actuallytrain them up the wire trellis. So you can see here we have the same kind of trellissystem, we have cucumbers basically planted 6 inches apart and basically as they growwe weave them up. So you can kind of see these guys growing up, it comes out right here offthe trellis, you can kind of see I'm pulling it away and then you'll see that I'llgo and I'll take it and just kind of push

it underneath the trellis and in, so we'reweaving itand out of the trellis so that it'll hold itself up there.It's not like a pea or a bean that send out little tentacles that wrap around things.I mean, these look like little tentacles and they kind of wrap around a little bit butyou really need to train them yourselves to grow up and around. Oh there's one actuallythat wrapped around so they do it a little bit, probably depending on the variety butfor the most part you really need to do it yourself to make it work right.Alright so, John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens you can grow your own cucumberssmall tightspaces including apartment patios and other

places. And check out that beauty, nice Japanesecucumber they're actually one of my favorites. Bye bye!.

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