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Chelsea Boot Guide Mens Boots Explained

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette. Today'stutorial is all about Chelsea boots. I'll discuss what you should look for when you buy a pair,how you combine them plus the hallmarks and characteristics. Basically, everything youneed to know about this wonderful boot. First, let's start with the history of theChelsea boot. It was originally invented by J Sparkes hall who's boot maker to Queen Victoria.He came up with the idea to use vulcanized rubber to have something flexible at the ankleand it would make them easy to put the boots on and take them off. Chelsea boots were popularwith men and women. In the 1950s, the so called Chelsea setWest London which was a conglomerateof artists and directors became known to wear

this kind of boot and soon thereafter it becamesynonymous with kind of an upbeat, trendy, young, and fresh boot. It was eventually renamedto Chelsea boot. If you want to learn more about the history of Chelsea boots and theintricacies, I urge you to check out ourdepth guide about Chelsea boots by clickinghere. What makes a Chelsea boot a Chelsea bootéWell, let's start with the Ankle length. The Chelsea boot has ankle length and it's notbelow, it's not above, it's right at ankle height. Then, it has rounded toes like youcan see here and low heels and basically, those are characteristics shared with theChukka boots which we discussed earlier here.

What's special about the Chelsea boot is thatyou have the vamp sewn up here, no lacing and then the back quarters are sewn on hereand here. It's simply a boot that you pull on using these loops up here, it helps youto getbecause without the laces, it's important that you have a rather tight fitright herethe foot and as well as the heel. You want it to be quite tight and soyou have to fit in, it has to fit snugly and tightly. Because leather would be too stiffand not flexible enough, this is the flexible rubber part which was invented by J. SparkesHall and to this day, you will find this rubber part, it always has this kind of U shape,it never goes all the way to the bottom, there's

always some leather underneath, sometimesyou'll find it to be a bit shorter but generally, it comesa contrasting color. With brownshoes sometimes, it's a slightly darker brown and lately you have seen people wearing greenrubber or red rubber or likethis case blue rubber simply to kind of add a littleflare and individualism to your boots. Chelsea boots today are extremely popular becausethey're so easy to put on and easy to take off and people like the elegant look of it.So, if you want to buy a pair of Chelsea boots, what should you pay attention toé It's themost important that you get the fit right hence, if you order online, make sure youcan return the boots simply so you can try

them on and see if they're actually comfortablesince there are no shoelaces, chances are that you slip out with your heel and you alwayswant to prevent that, it should fit really snugly so it's easy to walk around and theshoe doesn't come off on you because over time the elastic will expand and so will theleather and if you slip outthe beginning, it'll be worse over the course of maybe threemonths. So that also means, never just rely on standard sizing. Moreover, sometimes youwill find boots advertised as Chelsea boots with zippers and that is not a Chelsea bootand you should not get it, you should always look for the rubber inserts. The upper shouldalways be made of box calf leather, sometimes

it's popular with men to actually have itin a suede which is usually also calf suede leather. If you livea rainy environment,it's not good to have suede, go with regular leather and make sure that it's a darker colorbecause the Chelsea boot works well with suits. So I would either geta black ora darkbrown if it's your first pair of boots and subsequently you can venture into like tan,maybe blue or navy but to start, I think darker colors are better. If you enjoy this boottutorial, please sign up to our YouTube channel. Also don;t forget about our free eBook, 15style mistakes and how you can avoid them and I'll tell you more about different kindsof boots such as the Chukka boot or Jodhpur

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