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NBA Star Aaron Gordon Is a Slam Dunk

Iquot;m so happy to meet you,thank you for being here. gt;gt; Nice to meet you, too. You're awesome, you're amazing. gt;gt; You're awesome and you're amazing, too. gt;gt; Thank;gt; So, and I'm shocked that you didn't win and I'm sure you're shocked andmany people are shocked. This is your first yearthis contesté gt;gt; Yes, this the first year thatI did the NBA Dunk Contest.

gt;gt; And didn't you think I'm gonna winé gt;gt; Yeah of course. You know. gt;gt;;gt; LAUGH gt;gt; I wentvery prepared. You;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; I had all my dunks lined up. gt;gt;;gt; I thought if I made all four

of my dunks then I thought I would win. gt;gt;;gt; It didn't happen like that. gt;gt; No it didn't. But will you go back next year andoutdo yourself againé gt;gt; You know I'm not sure. gt;gt; Come on! gt;gt; That was a good way to go out. gt;gt; No!gt;gt; LAUGH

gt;gt; Iquot;m not sure. gt;gt; You gt;gt; Once it comes closer I'm gonna play it a little close to the;gt; I see. gt;gt; And then let everybody know whether Iquot;m gonna do it or;gt; I see so we're begging you basically. gt;gt; LAUGH gt;gt; You want us to beg you.

gt;gt; The NBA maybe. gt;gt; Yeah, so. Well, obviously, we're talking about it, but we all wanna watch you do that andI don't know if you're gonna do that but you're gonna show us some of the dunks. It's over here. Let's walk over here. gt;gt; Yeah;gt; All

right. gt;gt; APPLAUSEgt;gt; All right. gt;gt; You want me to hold thaté I'll hold itgt;gt; All right. Here we go. We'll just start off real slow.Nice and

Dwarf Basketballer Proving Size Doesnt Matter On The Court

00:01JAHMANI: Don't believe the height, believe the hype. 00:03COMM: Basketball stars are known for their giant stature but Jahmani Swanson is showingthat size isn't everything on the court. 00:22JAHMANI: When I'm on the court and I'm standing next to a 6ft dude, your no different thanme, your just taller and we are both on this court for a reason, I'm here for a reason,don't judge me by my size, you know after you see me play, after you get to know methen you can judge me.

00:45COMM: Jahmani from New York was inspired to play basketball by his hero, Michael Jordanand now he has his own army of fans 00:54JAHMANI: I feel like I have the skill, the confidence of Michael Jordan, I'm able toplay with tall people because I have the skill, they step on a court their doubting me already,I'm 4ft 5 and I wouldn't trade my height for the world and all it takes is the first shotor first move and the fans are speechless to the point where its like um Michael Jordanwalked into the room and people call me the Michael Jordan of little people.

01:26JUSTIN: He taught me how to play basketball, he's my role model, i do aspire to be justlike my brother. 01:33ANTHONY: He's wonderful like I've never seen nobody like him, he plays with his heart,he has a lions heart and I respect him. 01:40ARTHUR: In a tall man's game it was hard but he was, he was strong, he worked hard on hisgame and he got where he was at by dediion, to see him play good against tall people isamazing. 01:58COMM: Jahmani has been playing basketball

since he was just a toddler and showed greatpromise from an early age 02:04SABRINA: When he was little, he used to bounce the ball late, all hours of the night thatwas the one thing that made him happy, it made him confident, when he had a ball hewas very confident, the thing i told my child was being a dwarf is just a part of life andyou can do anything anybody else can do if you put your mind to it. I'm very proud ofhim, he's very inspirational to a lot of people, even to me, though he is little, look whathe has done, he's making the world look at him.

02:35COMM: Jahmani travels all over the world to play basketball but when he's not on the court,he does his best to inspire others to follow their eams 02:43JAHMANI: when I'm on tour I talk to kidsschools, my message to kids is quot;anything inthis world you want to do, you can do it.quot; BAsketball is my skill to display to chpeoples eyes and anythingthis world you want to do you can do but you have to loveit 03:02COMM: And for Jahmani this is just the beginning

03:04JAHMANI: I wouldn't change the way I am for nobody, I wouldn't trade it, I'm blessed thisway for a reason and I love it, this world is the stage and I'm ready to perform. Goodwork out fellas.

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