What Height Is Tall For A Guy

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Do Tall Guys Get More Girls

Heya playas, I'm pretty tall. Last time I checked I was 6' 1quot; or 6' 2quot; which I would consider to be pretty tall. Now for most of my life I never really saw this as an advantage but to some girls it is. So the question on the table is do tall guys get more girlsé The question submitted to me by Robert Daniel was how to get confidence if the girl is taller than you. Even if it's by a small bit. Instead of answering this by myself I asked my friend Alyssa what she thought about tall dudes and short dudes.

Hi, my name's Alyssa. Tall guys are very masculine looking and theykind of just exude that dominance that a lot of girls really really like. I'm like 5' so the taller the better. I can get away with dating someone at 5' 5quot; and be able to wear heels. The tallest I've dated was 6' 2quot; and at that point it just gets a little awkward because the size difference is ridiculous. That's another thing we should talk about, how tall is too tallé

Well, the average malethe United States of America is 5' 10quot;. So if you're something like 6' 7quot; and she's like 5' 4quot;, She's gonna have to climb a stool just to get up to kiss ya. A lot of short guys they have all the same qualities that a tall guy had, they just don't have the height. So they may not seem to be confident. They may also be perceived as notbeing very dominant and not being able to protect even though that sounds really wrong because I know a lot of military guys that are short and they can protect someone just fine. If

something was to go wrong, the two of them are out he can handle the situation. Not that a woman can't but a taller man is able to exude that. Natural selection I guess you can say. Confidence how we so often come to that word. There's this perceived notion that confidence comesthe form of size. At some point this probably was true but we livea technological era where the man who can throw the biggest rock isn't always the bestprovider. In fact just look around you some of the mostsuccessful and powerful peoplethis

world aren't exactly the tallest or thebiggest. Although society tries its very best to lock us into a specific pattern of what we want and need we break out of the all the time. Youhave the right to like who you want to like and decide what you want to decide. So if you want to date a short guy, go right ahead. I said I dated someone who was 5' 5quot;. It was not any different than dating someone who is 5' 11quot; or 6' 0quot;. Um, it just,

we were the same height when I wore heels but that was pretty much it. He didn't act any different. Except when we were outpublic oncea while, you can tell that he would get uncomfortable. If we werean area like a club setting he didn't have that confidence. He knew he was short and I think is that kind of plays into insecurity. I know genetics says you have to find the tallest, strongest person out there and mate with them

Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys w Caitlin O Connor

Hey guys, what's going oné This is Tripp fromTrippAdvice , and sitting with me today is our reccuring guest, Caitlin O'Connor.I'm Caitlin O'Connor, I'm here to give you advice. All right. And guys, real quick, you'vegot to follow her on Instagram because she's got some really awesome and sexy pictures,so find thatthe description box below. Let's talk about why do girls like tall guys.Instinctually, women want to feel protected and backthe days before agriculture, wewere tribesmen and we were hunters and gatherers and I guess taller guys, women feel like theycan be protected from the monsters out there, from the lions that are going to eat us. Andalso, number two, girls want to wear huge

high heels and they still want to feel sexyand like their man is as tall or taller than them. That's the one, that's the one I hearacross the board. That's the number one reason. They're always like I want to wear heels andhe has to be taller than me. And I wear like eightinch heels or seveninch feels sometimesso. And you said that you're 5' 6quot;. I'm short. I'm 5' 5quot; and a half. So you're 5'6quot; and you said to me before we started this tutorial, you said something about, because 5'6quot;, I know a lot of guys who tell me, like oh, I'm 5' 6quot;, I'm 5' 5quot;, I'm 5' 7quot;, and theyfeel very short. But I don't want to give it away, but what were you saying before thisabout your height and dating guys around there.

I said before this that I would only datea guy who was pretty much at my eye level, because I want to feel like he's my teammateand he's my team member and I would have to be super attracted to him if he was shorterthan me. Okay, okay. So you would date a guy who is around 5' 6quot; and you'd be attractedto him and give him a shot. I would definitely give him a shot. It's all about attraction.At the end of the day, throw the high heels out the window. If love is at your door, Idon't care about how tall you are. If I'mlove with you or I'm attracted to you,I'll give you a shot. To attract a girl who's taller than you, if you are short, like Iguess we're saying right now short is a very

relative term, you know. If you're 5' 8quot;,which is not that short, but you're attracted to a girl who's 6 feet, I guess you'd be short.But one of the best ways, Caitlin just said it a little bit ago, is confidence. Right,so confidenceyourself and not really bringing up and thinking about that you are short.So that's one big thing. And I literally specifically mean not bringing up your height. So if you'rebringing it up, if you're calling it out, then you're going to be selfconscious aboutit, and they're going to see that. Right. Don't ever let them see that you're selfconsciousabout anything. Your looks are what God gave you. Just forget about it. Just be yourself,be confident and she's going to look straight

past your height, no matter how tall or shortyou are. Right, and I think one of the best ways to do that is having a bigger personality.So it kind of makes up for it a little bit. If you're shorter, then you want to standout more, so you want to have a big, bubbly personality. You want to be social, you wantto be talking to a lot of people. You want to stand outthe crowd. Another thing youcould do to be attractive to taller women is being really funny. So Caitlin, I knowI've heard this from you before, humor, a sense of humor is a really big thing withattraction, righté It's a huge thing to be witty and gregarious. And guys who are makingjokes and making girls laugh, you know, that's

a sign that you're comfortable around peopleand so if you're showing that you're not intimidated by a girl, then she's going to become attractedand that doesn't really matter if you're short or tall, righté Attraction. Caitlin, what'sanother good tip for guys if they're short and they want to attract a girl who's taller.Another good tip for guys is to be really well essed. A woman with class will noticeyour shoes, notice your suit and be like, quot;Damn, look at him.quot; Shoes. quot;Look at his suit.Look at his out.quot; whatever you're wearing. If she notices you and you're well essed,well puttogether, you have a little scruff, she'll like you anyways. Yeah, because here'sthe thing, right, a woman who's feminine,

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