How To Look Taller Men

WIE MANN GRSSER ERSCHEINT IN 2 MINUTEN How to appear taller for men

first of all ,we need a bad essed Person ohh there is a lot wrong about this you ask yourself what exactly é alright, lets pause the tutorial for a moment wide pants make your legs look chunky horizontal lines make you look fat lets be honest

excuse me , but what kind of bad posture is that é anyways, we have to change that good, but we can do better to improve the outfit even more, we have to ess monochromatic yes , thats better but we made a mistake that top is too long even though longline is the current trend

it's not a good idea to wear that to appear taller lets get rid of that shit general rule here is : if the top could be used as a ess then don't wear it Perfect we have good fitting jeans a grey shirt, which is not too long

the posture is also good thats what I call presentable ugh , thats enough spinning if you liked these tips, make sure to give this a thumbs up and write me some of your tipsthe comment section how to appear taller or more defined or any kind of tip. I would like to see that I hope you liked this tutorial

and if you want to see more click right there there I would really appreciate every tip. because at the end of the day , everbody is kinda average right é Peace out and see you next time bitch.

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